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A good developer is curious about innovations

A good developer is always curious about new technologies and tries to find our what’s the the next leading edge technology in his field. An even better programmer takes a look beyond his  one’s own nose and studies Programming languages and technologies not necessarily related to his business.

The recruiter could ask: What do you do to keep up with new developments?

A good developer is really passionate about developing software

When you ask a good developer what does he do in his spare time and he answer, that he maintains a open source GitHub project then chances are good that you catch the right guy. Think about deeply who in the world want to go on with developing software after a 8 hours day developing software.

A recruiter’s question could be: How old where you when you started programming?

Self critical attitude

A good developer has a self critical attitude to improve hisself and his code he writes. Nothing is blocks the personal evolution more than thinking that you are sufficient for something. You will never be, because there is always someone who does it better than you. And a good programmer understands this and tries to improve himself on each iteration.

Question could be: What do you think about your code?

The developers communication skills

A good developer, who may be useful for your company, has the ability to explain technically ideas in a simple language which can be understood easily be the business administration to make further decisions. He understands the needs of the administration and acts in this sense.

The team

When you hire a new person he of course should fit into the team, the best way to figure this out is to try it a couple of days. Usually two day to a week is sufficient, to know how he will integrate.

Ask the candidate for recommendations

A good developer will not hesitate to give you contacts with persons he was already working for or with, so that they can give you their opinion on quality of the work of the developer. Your should also ask the developer what the contact will tell you about the developer, this will already say a lot about the him.

The developer’s portfolio

Don’t forget to ask about the portfolio of the Developer. But don’t look the fancy images, go deeper and ask about the technology. What where the pitfalls and difficulties and how did he solve it. You will learn more about programming and about how good the developer is in explaining technical details to the business administration